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August 25, 2013 / chicmomsnyc

Just a thought

Looking at Kyler today who is 22 months old, I marveled.  I can’t believe I created life, time and time again, I felt like that every time I see him excitedly laughing or actioning – now this life I created has a life of his own, yet bears such a splitting image of myself; life is truly marvelous.  Little boy, I only wish you knew how special you are, and how you occupy every single sense of mine and more. 

October 26, 2012 / chicmomsnyc

Sweet boy

My sweet boy @ 8 months. He’s the love of my life :)


May 22, 2012 / chicmomsnyc

Kyler’s first adventure

Little munchkin traveled for the first time. He had so much fun!



May 8, 2012 / chicmomsnyc

Noontime concert at Park and 52bd

I heart NYC!

Where can you find such a great city with fine music and art on the street?


May 8, 2012 / chicmomsnyc

Summer jcrew

How cute are these little outfits from jcrew.

Get one for your little princess!

Happy Mondays!


April 27, 2012 / chicmomsnyc


Today I saw a mother with her newborn sitting outside of the Hart and Haley sandwich shop, begging. She had lost her job. She looked lost, worried, helpless…her newborn is sucking on her breast half asleep. Poor kid, poor lady. It’s so hard to watch…What is her story? Will she be able to go to shelter tonight? What will be the story of the little baby? …

April 26, 2012 / chicmomsnyc

200 days old

Today I discovered Kyler likes to ponder. I caught him staring intently at his toes, which he loves to flex and curl, and his fingers, which he likes to open and close to practice making a fist. He’s so fixated on them, like time stops, motions freeze, and the whole world disappears except for him, and his little toes and hands. I called out his name a couple of times, he didn’t care to look up or respond. Then out of the blue a few seconds later he snapped out of it and started giggling and waiving his arms in excitement for hugs and plays. Oh my sweet child <3 I wonder what went on in that rapidly growing brain of his.

Everyday his personality emerges more. He’s smiley, fun-loving, active, curious, thoughtful, sweet, and at times talkative and restless. I wonder to whom he would grow to become more alike. Will he take after his father’s love for crowds or will be inherit my idyllic temperament? Will he develop a fondness for dreaming like me or will he have a pragmatic approach to life like his dad? Whatever and however he will become, it is so amazing to be able to partake in the shaping of his life. Everyday I thought I would be teaching him something new, yet in reality he inspires me every moment about how life should be lived. It is such a precious, privileged, and mind awing experience and I don’t want to miss a second of it.

Today, Kyler is 200 days old *heart*



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